Pop of color



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Winter is upon us in the windy city, and I’m happily pulling out my coziest sweaters and heaviest coats. This is the time of year that everyone ditches bright colors for grays and blacks. Normally this transition brings me comfort. I walk around the streets and think, “hey look, I’m not the only one wearing all black for once!” Any one else know the feeling? But surprisingly enough, I’m saying you don’t have to leave bright colors behind in the winter.

I’m definitely not one to dawn a lot of color, but I think it can be a great statement piece or way to brighten up an outfit if it’s styled properly. So the next time you pass by a candy apple red sweater or an emerald green dress, pick it up and give it a try. A pop of color in your wardrobe is always a nice thing to have, especially on cloudy days.

(Most of the pieces I’m wearing aren’t available in store or online any more that’s why they aren’t linked)


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